Hi, I'm Will.

Recently I have been building Tiny.Garden and co-running Tiny Factories.

I spend any additional time researching and learning about climate mitigation strategies to move more into that space in the coming years.

My past roles have been a mix of research, design, and front-end development at research labs within IDEO, PARC, Intel, Fjord, and Protocol Labs.

🌱 Things and Experiments

Recent work has focused on indie-web tools along side Tiny Factories clients, and research with oh dot zero. I thrive as generalist but think of myself as a specialist in specific domains.


πŸ”¬ Thought Spaces

Notes are a way for me to think in public about what I'm learning and new areas of interest. All spaces feed into my blog or are summarized in my newsletter Some of my current mental threads are:

πŸ”— Across the Internet

I explore a lot of tools and services which can make it hard to put a record of my work in one place. So this section has a few other places I tend to dwell.

🌐 Other Spaces

Tiny Garden is an experimental space that collects my digital presence in one location.

Multiverse is a visual authoring environment where I write more visual essays.

Books I'm reading and plan to read.

Questions is a list of open questions I have.

The parking lot is a collection of concrete and scattered ideas that I may or may not make someday.

Field Notes are collections of observations from me as I explore the world.

🀝 Open Collaborations:

Playlist is a tool for creating shared playlist of media.

Treehouse is a personalized dynamic dashboard meant to be shown when you open a new browser tab.

Tiny Hardware Club helps catalog open hardware projects and one day will make them into kits.

Γ–kohaus is a community focused on the climate in the spirit of an ecologically focused Bauhaus.