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Treehouse (WIP)

A personalized dynamic dashboard for when you open a new browser window or tab.

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There are a lot of great browser add ons for when you open a new tab or window. Many show you some RSS information, weather forecasts, or a nice image. But few of them are very customizable or personal. Treehouse's goal is to be the best of both worlds.

You will be able to choose from a series of card styles and service integrations like a to-do list, weather, RSS, notes, Twitter, arena, and Unsplash to start. I have the basic backend ready and am working on the design over May 2021.

Treehouse App Card Anatomy

This is a rough breakdown I have been referencing for building the logic for the components in react.

Treehouse App Profile

The current design is a little overly simple, so the next version will focus more on how to customize the style of your dashboard.

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