How to Rebase on GitHub

Since 2020.08 I have been contributing to a social file storage system called Slate which will launch its beta on 2020.09.14 馃帀. This project has been reinforced some good practices for me in how I collaborate and communicate work over GitHub. One key change for me has been how to rebase, which take the work you have done and places it in the current work tree if changes.

A verity of GitHub worktree modifications

馃摲 source Jason McCreary

As of now my current workflow when collobrating on git has become:

add . -A

Adds all new files and any files that have changed.

git commit -m "I made a change" 

Add a clear comment

git fetch

Check for other changes

git rebase origin/main

Get changes from the main branch and fix any merge conflicts

git push origin/branch-name

Push your changes! Occasionally you may need to add the --force flag here.

If you are interested in giving Slate a try you can play with the alpha now!

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