E-commerce for Indiepreneurs 2020

This year my focus has shifted to doing projects that amplify my learning and help me rebuild my creative confidence. In the spirit of this I have been looking at setting up a small online store and wanted to research what some of the best options are for indie makers.

Company Free Paid
Small Victories 2.9%
Gumroad 8.5% + 30¢/sale
Storenvy Direct sales 10%/sale on marketplace
Jimdo Branded store $7.50/mo
Wix $17/mo.
Weebly $8/mo. + 3%/sale
ZipSell $7/mo. + 2.9% + 30¢
VPRS (Zeit) 2.9% + 30¢
Big Cartel $9.99/mo
Volusion $15/mo.
Foxycart $20/mo. + 15¢/sale
E-junkie $5/mo.
SendOwl $9/mo
3dcart 9.99/mo.


From what I can tell the best starting points are Zeits VPRS and ZipSell. Partly beacse they both use Stripe, and they are both pretty quick to get working if you have some technical experience. But if want to use a GUI the entire way the Small Victories is a reasobable starting pint.

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