How we use Glitch, GitHub, & Vercel to collaborate remotely

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Over the past few months our team has been working interdependently and remotely on some web project which we are going to share soon but in the mean time I wanted to share a bit about our current pipeline.

Glitch for development → GitHub for version control → Vercel for hosting or Render for hosting

Updating and publishing projects: #

Here is an overview on how we publish content remotely with each other through using Glitch for development, Github for version control, and Zeit for hosting.

  1. Head to Glitch and make any edits to the project.

  2. Once edits are complete click tools button and then select Git, Import and Export.

  3. If you see Connect to Github button then click it if not select Export to GitHub.


  4. Next enter the GitHub-account/repo-name you would like to push to in the popup and click ok.

  5. Enter a detailed decrition of what you are pushing. for example "Updated SEO with new branding" and click ok.

  6. Now head on over to your GitHub repo and click Compare & pull request. If you do not see this try pushing again from Glitch.

  7. Add additional comments and click Create pull request.

  8. Next will check the code and if everything looks ✅ then you can click Merge pull request to push the changes to and the production or live build.

  9. You will be asked to confirm the merge.

  10. Thats it! 🎉 Now just wait for your update to go live. If you what to check the progress head on over to your Zeit Dashboard and click on the project to see the status of the lates build.

Future Features Topics: