Interdependent Collaborations in 2020

One of the joys of building Tiny Factoreis has been working with different tiny teams of people to build and ship projects. The more projects we have worked on the better I feel about gauging what is needed for us to make the collaboration successful. I wanted to summarize some of the principles that have become most helpful from our past collaborations:

Independent - The ability to take on ownership of a task, and find the best solution within their means.

Commitment - You know that no matter what they will be there with you until the end shipping even if it takes some late nights.

Complimentary - Most of the time we have multiple projects happening at once, and it's often helpful when there is some overlap in skill. This way when one person gets a little to busy the other team member can help keep progressing the project.

Constructively blunt - There is a working understanding that when anyone provides feedback it's direct, but polite and non aimed at making anyone feel bad.

A teacher - Can share what they know with others and teach new things they pick up throughout the project without ego being present.

A student - Can ask questions or advice from the team when they are stuck after seeking their solution to the problem.

Rational Obsessions - We will make space for rabbit holes of knowledge exploration, and obsess over the details that matter most to each of our team members.

Always be Riffing - The exchange of building on each other's ideas should feel so fluent that in the end, you don't remember who thought of the original idea.

This list will grow and flux over time but currently, it's a v1 of sorts. I will periodically update it as we learn new things about how to make joyful things together.

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