Thoughts on a Tiny Co-op

I'm pretty excited about a conversation with all of the tiny garden members this past week. And I have been thinking a lot about what it would mean to create a co-op-style community. I wanted to drop down some thoughts to share with you here in the hopes that they can create a foundation that was shared with the larger community as we figure out what this next transition looks like for the tiny garden.

Transitioning #


Some thoughts on how we can get from where we are not to where we would love to be:

  • Create a collection of tasks
  • Craft a message to the existing group about the transaction or migration of the group.
  • How do we create start to loop people into even this document.
  • Guidelines for entering and leaving the group

Governance #


  • How do we select new members
  • How do we, onboard new members
  • Is there a trial period
  • How do we distribute groups tasks

Finances #


  • How do funds get spent?
  • How do we collect and when?
  • How do we make funds transparent? (I feel like this should be a two-party system. For example, we vote on when funds get spent)

Group Representation #


  • How do members want to be represented on the site?
  • How can we work as a group on projects?
  • How is credit communicated for a group project concerning tiny factories
  • What types of information do we want to share publicly and privately?
    • New letter
    • Zine
    • Profiles
    • group chats
    • group working calls
  • How can we increase the diversity

A Online Co-op would mean #


  • Shared group funds
  • Max number of people
  • Share brand to leverage
  • Community to get support and feedback from
  • Voting to make decisions
    • Small decisions can be emoji-reaction voted
    • Big decisions can be through online forms and a few days

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