Overview #

At CoLab I worked with an in house team to build prototypes for a decentralized messaging protocol called Nomad.

At IDEO CoLab, I worked on Nomad. A platform which uses IPFS to create a peer-to-peer network of nodes that routes messages from publisher to subscriber. Streams are published by nodes which are identified by a public key hash, making Nomad a permission-less system. Anyone can create a new node, subscribe to existing streams, and publish a stream without signing up for any proprietary service.

Essays #

We decided to imagine what would happen if Nomad intervened in the production and transit process of goods between two fisherman, a restaurant, and a shelter. How might we use streaming data to more intelligently consume our available resources?

Nomad x Food Production #

Current projections indicate that we will extinguish many species of commonly consumed fish by the year 2048. Japan, already close to extinguishing its bluefin tuna population, would surely be one of the first countries to experience the effects of this mass extinction…

Nomad x Supply Chains #

Supply chains are sets of long branching trees of dependencies worked in tandem to produce a suite of products. Over 770 suppliers, dispersed across the globe, are part of creating Apple's iPhone alone. Properties of the current method of organization and purchase such as delivery delays, order batching, shortage gaming, and sales and price discounts all contribute to a $30+ billion loss in the grocery supply chain alone.

Nomad x Home Insurance #

The rise of the sharing economy has fueled a system where we can automatically and seamlessly connect with one another and better use our resources. Inevitably, problems come up in a distributed system - from riders who vomit in Ubers to guests who trash Airbnbs.

Prototypes #

Much of my time was spent working with clients during build sprints to apply an emerging technolgy to the clients market. This typically took place over the course of a week an gave our team the opertinity to use nomad to help us make more prptypes faster.

Storefront #

A logistics platform with networked physical presence — i.e. a network of vending machines. Merchants can bid for slots and enter into Ethereum-based smart contracts.


An identity management service that allows individuals to create portable, digital, verified identities by leveraging the Know-Your-Customer datasets from their existing financial institutions.

Nomad #

CoLab's open source, protocol-level project that enables easy, open information discovery, remixing, composing, and sharing. To demonstrate this we created a table with a map of San Francisco. When you placed a paper clouds on the surface of the table and blocked a solar panel youwould see a signal be sent from the solar panel to a pick plant requesting it sends more energy to the city.

Resource #

As a result of weekly build sprints for clients I created example nodes using nomad and common public API's.

Example node for connecting the CDC API to Nomad
Github Repo

Example node for connecting Open Weather API to Nomad
Github Repo

Microsoft Traffic
Example node for connecting Microsoft Traffic API to Nomad
Github Repo

Example node for connecting Particle API to Nomad
Github Repo

Example node for connecting Twitter API to Nomad
Github Repo

Example node for connecting Instagram API to Nomad
Github Repo

Yahoo Weather
Example node for connecting Yahoo Weather API to Nomad
Github Repo

Example node for connecting California's 511 system to Nomad
Github Repo