Oh Dot Zero


house is a project from o.0 (oh dot zero) focused on the long-term dwelling of humans on earth. Phase one is a year long research phase looking at how to decentralize all public utilities. Currently we are working with Utopia, Stone Edge Micro-grid, and Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts to bring this into the world.

What do we mean by "decentralize all public utilities"? Well today if you want water, power, waste, or communication to be avaible at you home you need to connect to your cities or counties utility grid. We are researching a future in which you can be separated from that grid system. This may sound a bit like a micro-grid but thinking even smaller. Our focus is on what we are calling the pico grid, or a grid that can service all tradational public utility needs of one household. To achieve this we are working to develop a "core" which would maintain and manage all you utilities.

  1. Research
    We will research the feasibility of the pico-grid and gain a better understanding of how we can build for impact. With a focus on new urban construction in expanding metropolitian areas.

  2. Concepting
    Now that we have a better understanding of the market we need to ground our pico-grid. This will mark the beginning of our concepting phase in which we look for the best methods to apply our findings to modifying existing infrastructures while we build new ones.

Our over all goal is to understand how we could implement something like or with the same net reduction in carbon emissions as the orginal core concept. But as we explore applying our research to small studies and reporting what we are finding that one of the greatest learnings have been how people think and talk about sustainability. This this in mind we started tith three markets to apply out research.

Upcycling Structures
When looking at Exicting structures we looked at how to retrofit homes greater the 30 years old and homes that needed repair after natural disasters. Should we modify existing homes?

New Construction
We kept hearing about how many people are moving to cities and wanted to understand what that ment. Are these people living closer to cities or in them?

What if we just started over from scratch and completely changed how we though of a home?

Reporting and Brainstorming
We have a lot of translation to do. When we build the product to meet the expectation of a pico-grid we need to constantly evaluate our process for communicating our research. Here is what we have been working on thus far.

As we build towards our deadline we want to continue to keep our research tacktile for people. Here we are making a model of a house for production people to build their own floor plan and then see how much energy that would use.

Next Steps
This project is on going and will be updated from now until April 2019.