Tiny Hardware Club

Open Source doesn’t need to be hard to source. So we make kits of the most popular open hardware projects.

There is a large barrier around getting started in the open hardware community when it comes to sourcing and ordering components at reasonable volumes. I often found myself ordering two or three times the quantity I needed or spending ridiculous premiums at radio shack. Tiny Hardware Club maintains a community-sourced list of open hardware projects and creates kits of parts when an item gets enough community interest.

There are a lot of wonderful existing sites in this space! Platforms like Tindie and Crowd Supply offer great ways to fund initial runs of hardware. While Adafruit and Pimoroni make friendly beginner and DIY components hardware with good documentation.

The complexity of open hardware is growing, and we are there to create a centralized place for decentralized open hardware to be discovered, sourced, and shared. Hopefully to empower more people to have agency over the things they buy, make, and use.

We are starting simple, with a website of projects you can upvote and a mailing list that gets sent out when we start accepting orders for a new project. You can join the mailing list, submit your favorite hardware, or upvote an existing project.

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